Relationship: Five Things You Should Never Tell Your Friends About Your Relationship

      We are all guilty of telling our friends and family much more than they need to know about what is happening in our relationships. You however should not be telling them every detail.
Here are a number of things you should keep a secret about your relationship.
The Details Of Your Sex Life
Filling friends and family in on what goes on under your sheets makes your intimacy a group event. When you’re not having sex, how often you have it, his sexual fantasies; the raunchy details of your intimate life should be kept under the covers.
Your sex life shouldn’t become someone else’s fantasy. Not to mention that by learning all about you and your partner’s likes and dislikes in bed, you put yourself at risk of your friend becoming the confidante and provider of those likes to your partner.
If you have issues with your sex life, discuss it with your partner. Otherwise, speak with a therapist who can help you figure out why you’re having these issues.

Something Your Partner Told You In Confidence
Trust is easy to lose and hard to get back. If your partner tells you about a private issue, it’s best to keep your mouth shut. They opened up to you because they trust you and your ability to keep what you’ve been told confidential.
Trust is at the core of any relationship. If a partner confides about one of the skeletons buried deep in his closet, it’s important for you to maintain this confidence. If not, the secret runs the risk of being uncovered.

The Terrible Gift You Got From Them
It is the thought that counts. Be grateful that they thought of you. Avoid badmouthing him to your friends about his bad gift, they may never let you live them down.
Even if this gift isn’t your taste, tell people that he was so sweet to be thinking of you—and that can never be faulted.

When Your in-laws Annoy You
We’ve all been irritated with our partner’s parents and complained about it to our friends. But it’s best to keep things under wraps, especially since in-laws are a permanent fixture in your life.
You never know when those words will get back to your husband—even worse, them, which could be quite awkward—and make him resentful and defensive. And that will only do more harm than good.

How Your Last Fight Went
Your fights are not for public consumption. If you tell people about your last fight, they will most likely want to proffer a solution for your issues. Then you and your partner won’t have the know-how to navigate the next difficult problem.
More so, the people you tell may end up going against your partner. If all they hear are the “facts” that you presented, they may question why you’re together in the first place. You can’t get angry with your friend because you’re the one who told her all the details.
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