Six reasons why you should upgrade from tecno spark 2 to tecno spark 3.

TECNO has a way of thrilling us every now and then by releasing new and improved smartphones.  With their various smartphone series such as: CAMON, SPARK, POUVOIR, to name a few, TECNO has carved a niche for itself as one of the biggest smartphone brands of today. Which should come as no surprise, I mean, almost everyone uses a TECNO, right?
6 reasons why you should upgrade from Spark 2 to Spark 3
Being as obsessed with my SPARK 2 device as I was, making the decision to upgrade to the new SPARK 3 device was not an easy one. Honestly, I had my reservations about switching from SPARK 2 to SPARK 3. One of them being that I had doubts that the new SPARK 3 would be able to live up to the high expectations I was already used to with the SPARK 2.
6 reasons why you should upgrade from Spark 2 to Spark 3

Well, what do you know? I took that leap of faith and all my doubts quickly disappeared as soon as I got my hands on the new SPARK 3. Honestly, I’ve never changed my mind so quickly about a device so, TECNO mobile gets a thumbs up for that. I have no regrets whatsoever about getting my new SPARK 3 and I’ll give you 6 reasons why.
?    Camera Upgraded by AI
The SPARK 2 takes great photos in low light conditions with its 8MP Front + 13MP Rear Bright Camera. SPARK 3’s camera comes upgraded with AI technology and high configuration that results in high quality, bright and smooth pictures.

6 reasons why you should upgrade from Spark 2 to Spark 3

SPARK 3 can recognize different face features and tones and give the most suitable level of “re-touch” and “lighting” automatically to your photos, which including skin polish, dispel freckle, remove acne, remove pouch and black rim of the eye.
SPARK 3 AI camera can cover 18 face dimensions to enable 3D face fine-tuning. Also help to enhance hair contrast and color saturation, highlight your forehead, nose, lips. It even smartly increases the eyelids to both left and right to extend the eye liner, you can get the beautiful photos in just one second without manually re-touching.  
?    Screen Size
The TECNO SPARK 2 dons a 6-inch full HD screen display perfect for viewing photos, watching videos and gaming, whereas the SPARK 3 comes equipped with an impressive 6.19-inch HD + notch screen display. The extra screen size makes watching videos and game playing an incredible experience as the device is made up of about 87.8% screen.

?    Smart Voice Assistant
TECNO SPARK 3 is equipped with a smart voice assistant. If you enable this function, your SPARK 3 can broadcast your messages, important news, your appointment on your agenda, and your reminder. Especially when you turn on the “driving mode”, SPARK 3 will automatically text back to inform the person who calls you during your driving hour that you are driving and will get back to the caller soon.
?    Hidden apps
TECNO SPARK 3 has a special feature to protect consumers’ privacy. You can set up your personal apps (for example, Tinder) to “invisible” from your mobile phone desktop, so you will be the only person who knows where your private apps are.
6 reasons why you should upgrade from Spark 2 to Spark 3
?    Body and Design
Although the SPARK 2 comes with a great design and exterior, the SPARK 3 just does it for me. The new device comes with a visual thickness of 5.75mm along with a metal and glass finish that is slim, round and delicately sleek to the touch. It’s almost like you hold the SPARK 3 and you immediately feel a pleasant tingle all over you.
?    Cost Performance
This is noteworthy because the SPARK 3 device comes with a relatively low price but with a sense of value. TECNO SPARK 3 is so sweet and comes with a high-end product appearance and premium features. Based on my research, the local price for SPARK 3 (16GB ROM + 2GB RAM) is about N36,000.

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