[EVENT] 1st of it kind Baller's hangout (1.0) see details below

1st of it kind storming the city of jos.
On-code media in collaboration with Franzy Hotel and suites cordially invites you to “Baller's Hangout” (1.0) happening live on the,15 March 2020 @ franzy hotel $ suites  Jos. If you’re a fan and lover of quality entertainmen then you shouldn’t afford to miss this show for anything else in the world! It promises to be mad, fun & thrilling with amazing live performances from aritist of different kind and the very best of Jtown influencers. Nothing like what you’ve experienced before!
Come let’s vibe, have fun and make history together! ❣️🔥

More details on poster.

#baller's hangout
#franzy suit