Stop Saying ‘Hello’ When Someone Calls You- See The Correct Word And 13 Others

Today I will be deliberating on some grammatical error in our spoken English, you will agree with me that English is not our mother’s tongue but since we are opportune to speak and write it I guess we should do it well.

Below are list of some grammatical we speak everyday, do good by practicing them and am assuring you, you will speak well.

1: Don’t say the food is peperish – The food is peppery.

2: Don’t say, She delivered a baby boy – She was delivered a baby boy.

3: Don’t say Traveling bag – Travel bag

4: Don’t say he is matured – He is mature

5: Don’t say the reason is because – The reason is that.

6: Don’t say my stuffs – My stuff.

7: Don’t say night vigil – Vigil.

8: Don’t say I want to barb my hair – I want to cut my hair.

9: Don’t say Escape goat – A Scape goat.

10: Don’t say I will try my possible best – I will try my best possible.

11: Don’t say I was beaten by the rain – I was drenched.

12: Don’t say I have a shoe – I have a pair of shoe.

13: Don’t say you are taking it too personal – You are taking it personally.

Hello is a general way of greeting, even with or without, to be more polite and mature I will advised you greet the person like Good morning/evening or Good day , since we are used to the word Hello while not put it this way eg Hello Good morning/evening or Good day.

Most times we don’t apply courtesy and we kind of lack manners even if its our elders calling us, we just pick the call and say hello, without even greeting and is very wrong..

Ways to enhance our spoken English .
1: Read educative books like novels.

2: Always jot down new words and look for them in the dictionary later.

3: You can download dictionary in your smartphone for easy access or you can have it at home.

4: Learn how to position your verb in a sentence its very important.

5: Always practice what you have learnt, remember Practice make progress

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