The expectations on May 27, 2022 during the primaries of the Pankshin/Kanke/Kanam Federal Constituency was massive, even as many had expected.

Candidly speaking, there were fears of the unknown. But in the Gagdi camp, the dice had been cast, and it was a matter of time before the delegates gave him victory.

Take a look at the pattern of the voting local

government after another and the outcome, it clearly shows an acceptable conclusion.

Delegates accredited 180, only 179 voted. Only one abstention! Of this number Rt Hon Yusuf Adamu Gagdi took a total of 171. Let's consider the scenario:

If your ward returns home with a score card of 95% among his peers or classmates, pray, say what kind of celebration would you offer him? Or would you have in the house?

It is not the score that should excite his followers. What rather should make anyone who believes in Gagdi's capacity is the fact that, perceived division and camp endorsements that hitherto existed ceased to function for the sake of the party.

Those who know his (Gagdi) worth walk tall and appreciate the reality that a UNITED FRONT is made possible for his success in 2023; as well as of other party standard bearers in the zone and state.

It is on this score that, what happened is further confirmation of greater things to expect in 2023.

In God We Trust!

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