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King Frost Biography, Songs, State, Personal Life, Everything You Need To Know


King Frost Biography, Songs, State, Personal Life, Everything You Need To Know

King Frost  (Born Adik John Aku) is a  talented songwriter, singer and rapper from Plateau State, Nigeria. He is popular for rapping in a unique style, with a perfect blend of witty punchlines and intellectual depth. He is also an avid skateboarder, cartoonist and YouTuber. 

Personal Life

Born and raised in Jos Nigeria, Frost attended primary and secondary school at Rafiki School of Classical Education in Bassa,  Jos,Plateau state. He then furthered to the University of Jos where he is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration. 

Music Career

He took interest in music at a young age and continuously nutured his talent to becoming one of the notable rapper to come from the city of Jos. Since upon kicking off his music career in 2016, King Frost has made rounds as a notable battle rapper as well as delivering incredible songs. 

As a child, he was introduced into different music genres and artist ranging from classical music, Rock, Hip-hop/Rap, country music, Afro beats and contemporary pop music. He attributes this to his versatility. In 5th grade he began writing poems which improved his lyricism. 

In 2020, he became affiliated with Gloves Off Music, a platform that organizes rap battles within the city of Jos. He continues to work closely with other artists within the city. Musically, King Frost in an independent artist. His music stems from personal experiences and he has made it clear that he intends to continue to make “music from the heart” 

He is cited to have said; “music is therapy for me. It’s how I deal with stress and get stuff off my chest. I don’t let mainstream media pressure me into their definition of what success is. I try not to chase the shinny things…I just create art” 

Songs And Collaborations

King Frost has had many impressive songs and collaborations to his name. Among them include “Goliath”, “song for Aneetha”, “44 Barz” and “Enter My Eye” 

He has featured in tracks for other J Town acts such as KIA (valley of Death) Tijay Webster (Crocodile) FireJersey (Tripping). Other associated acts include DJ Saga, Deuce, Phlux and Snipe. 

Below is a list of his songs;



Almost Famous 

Speedy Freestyle 

*Albums, EPs & Mixtape: 

Dreams worth living (2020 mixtape)

Psychedelic (2022 EP)


King Frost  is still a budding artiste with amazing potentials, however over past few years he has witnessed significant growth in his music and craft. We are excited to track his progress and see what lies ahead for the young artist.

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