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M.I_Rain Biography, Songs, State, Personal Life, Everything You Need To Know


M.I_Rain Biography, Songs, State, Personal Life, Everything You Need To Know

M.I_Rain, also know as Rain_De_music Beast is a talented songwriter singer and a rapper from Benue state, Nigeria.

Personal Life

M.I Rain had his primary and secondary school education both in Benue state, he is a HND holder from Benue state polytechnic after studying Microbiology.

Music Career

He took interest in music at is young age in secondary School, he was doing music with a group of friends at year 2015

Rain has no deal with any record lebel all this while, work as self depends,

Songs And Collaborations

M.I Rain has had many impressive songs and collaborations to his credits which includes his 2016 and 2019 hit singles “Yeah Yeah” baby girl" after then dropping a E.P tilted Game of sound E.p with eight tracks, aside that Rain has other music and can be found in stream media, M.I Rain has been on every day freestyle from late 2019 till date which been drop on Instagram.

Rain has collaborate with many other artists and been feature in they track like "Boi style" "PatoM" "Drexie" 

Below is a list of his songs;


Game of sound(feat. Drexie)

Baby girl

Don't Reply

Northern side

Looked shoe

Dey your day

Album & E.P:

Game of sound E.P


Rain De music Beast is still a budding artiste with amazing potentials, however over past few years he has witnessed significant growth in his music career and from our estimation we place his networth around 1.5 million naira.

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