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Illmax Kuna Biography, Songs, State, Personal Life, Everything You Need To Know


Biography, Songs, State, Personal Life, Everything You Need To Know

Illmax Kuna is a talented singer and songwriter from Gombe State, Nigeria. He is known for singing with the mix of Hausa, English, and Yoruba like some artist from the north who sing the Hausa-afro genre.

Personal life

Illmax had his primary and secondary education in Gombe state and also Jos the plateau state capital he attended Evangel ACE School  then went to Rantya High School Jos before proceeding to University of Jos to pursue his bachelor's degree in Theater and Film Arts.

Music Career

He took interest in music when he was much younger started as a church drummer and continuously groomed his talent to becoming one of the A list artist in Gombe. Since upon kicking off his music Career in 2015, illmax has dished out incredible songs with that strengthening his stand in the state.

Illmax is an individual artist not signed to any label

Song & collab

Illmax has an impressive songs and collaborations to his credits which includes his joint Ep with drealjaga in the year 2020.

 He has employed the help of other artists such as Mcleff, Drealjaga, ugly boy, 5ori on his numerous tracks see table below for more information


Watagwan ft drealjaga

Ni dake ft mcleff

Berries ft uglyboi & mcleff etc

Illmax is still a budding artiste with amazing potentials and is still growing.

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