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Blengkit Enterprise: Revolutionizing Telecom Services with User-Friendly Solution


Blengkit Enterprise: Revolutionizing Telecom Services with User-Friendly Solution

Blengkit Enterprise stands as a premier telecommunications company, offering a diverse array of services tailored to address the immediate telecom requirements of a wide spectrum of clients, spanning individuals, businesses, and corporate entities. Employing our advanced yet user-friendly platform, Blengkit Enterprise extends a range of services encompassing, but not confined to, cost-effective internet data services, seamless airtime-to-cash conversion, airtime top-ups, cable TV subscriptions (including DSTV, GOTV & Startimes), electricity bill payments, bulk SMS services, and investment opportunities. A Simplified Answer to Your Telecom Needs Blengkit Enterprise has ingeniously enabled effortless airtime-to-cash conversion, swift payment of diverse utility bills and merchant transactions, automated data subscriptions, and airtime top-ups, as well as streamlined bulk SMS dispatch, among other services. 

Our Offerings 

EXCHANGE AIRTIME FOR CASH Have you recently received airtime as a gift or experienced an accidental overrecharge from your bank? Blengkit Enterprise has streamlined the process of conveniently converting airtime to cash and settling bills using airtime. 

DATA AND AIRTIME REPLENISHMENT Blengkit Enterprise takes charge of your data and airtime needs, whether you require bulk orders or individual top-ups. Our data services seamlessly function across all devices, and by upgrading your account, you can enjoy up to a 10% discount on airtime and data top-ups. 

CABLE AND TVP PAYMENT:Our user-friendly platform has made subscribing to DSTV, GoTV, and Startimes a breeze, eliminating unnecessary complexities from the process. Life should be easy, after all! 

ELECTRICITY BILL SETTLEMENT Blengkit Enterprise has simplified and discounted the procedure for settling electricity bills. You can conveniently pay your electricity bills from the comfort of your home through our platform. 

BULK SMS DISPATCH Effortlessly reach a broad audience with bulk SMS messaging through Blengkit Enterprise! You can conveniently deliver SMS messages to all networks at highly competitive rates. 

A Fully Automated Experience Our website is seamlessly integrated with the Blengkit Enterprise platform, ensuring that all orders placed on the website undergo automatic, instant processing by Blengkit Enterprise. Your value reaches its destination in mere microseconds, all while providing you with both convenience and profit.

Contact Us


Address Jos, Nigeria.

Email: support@blengkit.com.ng

Phone: +2349066075567

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